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When an unknown energy source is discovered in the center of Vilgaxia that promises to give unlimited power and resources, it’s up to Ben Tennyson and his alien heroes to stop this mysterious new force before its too late.

But when Grandpa Max appears, he seems oddly enthusiastic about the Omnitrix’s choice of replacement hero.  Something isn’t adding up, and as Ben battles with Azmuth for control over his watch, it becomes clear that there are some secrets that should have remained buried.

This is a ‘what if’ story based on the dark continuity created by Destroy All Aliens.  For those of you who haven’t read any serious Ben 10 fanfiction before, I strongly recommend reading this background article first.

The Unwanted Omnitrix:

Destroy All Aliens is an epic, over 300,000-word long fanfiction that changes everything about Ben 10 canon; giving us a dark and gritty story that remains true to the original while still being unique from it.  In this continuity, Ben’s hero life starts on a much darker note when he uses the Omnitrix for the first time in anger against bullies at school instead of peacefully finding his hero name.  This decision sparks a chain of events that sees Azmuth banishing the device from Earth forever , beginning a new chapter in Ben’s hero career by triggering its replacement with another prototype Omnitrix stolen from him by Albedo.

However, while this new watch is powerful and technically perfect, Albedo has modified it with his own programming; giving himself complete control over the device and the ability to create pocket dimensions to make him invincible.  With such a huge advantage, Albedo spends years fighting Ben for control of the Omnitrix while everyone else thinks he’s just a hero going rogue for no reason other than he enjoys being evil.


Who is Controlling NPC?

It brings a unique dynamic to Ben as a protagonist that we haven’t seen before in canon because he spends half the series trapped inside his head as an NPC under Albedo’s control.  This allows us to see many familiar characters from Ben 10 through someone else’s eyes without needing to rehash everything from their point of view at great length.  We get to see police officers from their perspective, teachers from theirs, mall workers from theirs…all while still maintaining a sense of mystery about the real Ben’s whereabouts and what he’s truly capable of.

As Albedo begins unlocking more and more of the Omnitrix’s capabilities à la He-Man/Thundercats crossover, we find out that Ben can use up all 10 aliens at once just like in the show while also being able to fuse them together for some pretty awesome looking new forms.  This is another element that isn’t really explored too often, so adding it into this story gives us a little bit of extra depth by making us wonder how much further Ben could have gone if he’d been allowed to evolve these powers.

This is all tied together with a pretty cool little plot thread involving Vilgax and Tetrax, who both want the Omnitrix for their own reasons.   Tetrax isn’t in the show much, so using him here gives us a chance to flesh out his character and add in an element of danger that we wouldn’t usually see when Ben’s in control of the watch.  Vilgax is just there because he’s always around wanting to do something nefarious, but here we get to see hints that not everything may be as it seems on his side either…